About Us


Aimprom Electronics is a component supply chain company that provides cost saving solutions for our customers. We have a team of specialists with years of industry experience who could relieve you of the non-core supply chain functions . We will free your resources to concentrate on other core functions. Aimprom Electronics specializes in distribution, procurement services, NPI services and VMI services for key OEM and CM customers.

In step with this change of the times, Aimprom Electronics has adopted "business activities that contribute broadly to society" as a management principle and has endlessly endeavored to respond in a timely manner
to customer’s needs through the sale of cutting edge products and services in North America and Asia.

Based on our management philosophy of "providing top-class service to top-class customers," we deal only with leaders in their respective fields, and with the cooperation of government agencies as well as large and medium-sized electronics manufacturers, we have contributed to the advance of science and technology and the creation of new business opportunities.

Today, Aimprom Electronics engages in providing varied services to complement customer direct needs through constructing global business support structures.

The main feature of Aimprom's business is the handling of a broad range of exceptional electronics
products with high market value, without excessive adherence to specific fields. Aimprom Electronics gathers
information from all directions and believes that it is necessary to make available leading next-generation products faster than anyone else by gathering a broad range of information.

In the electronics industry, product lifecycles are becoming ever shorter even as the buds of innovation with the potential to become the next major trends are sprouting in numerous locations. Aimprom will continue to seek new possibilities and reinforce its solution business in order to provide direct benefits to its customers.






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